Flight Deck Wipes - Pack of 25

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Flight Deck Wipes are an effective and easy way to freshen up the cockpit and cabin when time is of the essence. The extra large towelette takes care of cleaning large surfaces without drying out.
Flight Deck Wipes are an extra large cleaning wipe, ideal for cockpit and cabin surfaces. They can be used to clean any hard surface where disinfection is not required. The formula is low odor and quick drying, making it ideal for cleaning confinded spaces quickly, especially where reflective surfaces are involved.
Formulated to Maximize Effectiveness While Meeting Industry Standards
• Extra large cleaning towelette, for cleaning glass, clear plastic, video screens, cockpit surfaces, etc.
• Non-streaking
• Quick drying
• Anti-static
• Packet size: 3 x 4 inches
• Towelette size: 8 x 8.5 inche