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Saran Wrap Premium 100 Sq Ft

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Seal foods to preserve their freshness with Saran Premium Wrap, 100 sq ft. It's made of BPA-free plastic that's extra strong, stretchy and clingy to produce an airtight closure. This meat plastic wrap is also ideal for fruits, vegetables and anything else you want to keep fresh. It's extra tough yet easy to handle. Saran Premium Wrap, 100 sq ft, has a clear finish, making it simple to identify the stored foods. In addition, it's safe for use in the microwave and features a sharp, easy-tear cutting edge for added convenience. Saran Premium Wrap, 100 sq ft:

Saran plastic wrap
Dreshness that's easy
Extra tough yet easy to handle
Its heavy-duty protection keeps your food at its very best
Material: BPA-free plastic
Stretches to seal, reliable cling
Easy-tear cutting edge
Length: 100 sq ft